Business-to-business transactions require proper planning to be successful. One of the biggest challenge’s businesses face today is that they end up in identifying and communicate the meaningful, which leads to improper planning and strategy. Market has always been uncertain and unpredictable and without informed decision it may lead to pitfall.

But making fact-based and informed decision about new market opportunities, assess market sizes & trends, and plan their marketing strategies take efforts. It requires accurate and authentic market data, identification of competition (through competitive analysis) and threat analysis, with awareness of industry forecast. That’s why we strive to know them all, inside and out.

Mnemonics market research and analysis can help you define your market, assess your clients changing attitude and gain competitive intelligence. Our B2B market research solution trace the vertical and horizontal model of Business-to-Business to get you a better understanding over market opportunities, identifying the emerging trends and changing face of volatile market. Our offerings will keep you updated with upcoming technologies in your business and will assist you to take strategic measures to make un-paralleled decisions.

B2B Research solution is a very unique business perspective of data collection and analysing method, it has various industry verticals demanding strong domain knowledge, projection of the future trends and market with addressing more complex decision-making process. B2B research solution provides holistic approach on the competitive intelligence for a particular research area.

We have in-depth B2B research & analytical resources readily available with an experienced team across a wide range of sectors both at a regional and global level. The strong in-house database of the past completed projects provides an added edge over the competitors. 

Mnemonics works very closely with the client to define and address the pain areas, commercial issues, using research insights to help them make accurate and strategic business decisions. We have successfully helped many global business leaders across industry verticals and maintained longer term client relationships with a greater emphasis on maximum client satisfaction.

How we can help your Business

One Stop Solution

Mnemonics will offer your business with an unbiased analysis of the gathered information and data for all your B2B market and industrial research requirements. The main purpose of our B2B solutions is to enable unbiased, fact-based decision-making to support an organization’s most complex strategic issues.

Minimize The Risk

Our Business solutions will reduce the risk of making the wrong decision, so you can avoid pitfalls and gain a successful edge. Whether you wish to launch a new product, extend an established brand, plan market diversification or simply assess a current situation or trends, Mnemonics will provide the solution.

Identify Opportunities

Mnemonics Identify and grow the few differentiating capabilities that define who you are and the value you provide. We will monitor, analyses and scans the market to identify market opportunities, latest trend/evolving trends/Emerging trends for your business. Limited not only to this, we will also offer you with your competitive analysis and market mapping information.

Maximize Profits

Mnemonics brings together a leading-edge strategy team with B2B global capabilities, giving you the right expertise to help you create your strategy and execute it. Business-to-business solution will help your business to maximize profits in existing markets or new/developing markets with hazel free. We do this by combining more than 50 years of cumulative strategy consulting experience deep foresight about how your market is developing, and access to a broad range of technical and functional skills from around the world. Our In-depth knowledge and experience of real-world professionals who provide practical perspectives and solutions on macro and niche industry verticals enable us to supply high quality, accurate market intelligence information. This means you can then implement more profitable business and marketing plans and avoid pitfalls and minimize risk to gain an edge.

What our Experts Do

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On very first meeting with our clients we take time to understand their business, markets, services, needs and challenges in order to understand their requirements and make an assessment of the most appropriate form of research to be provided. Our specialist researchers are well versed with skills at obtaining detailed information and providing accurate analysis of complex data sets; they are also well versed in collecting and processing trends analysis information.

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After understanding the client’s requirements closely. A comprehensive understanding of the market is done, it is essential for our experts to understand the complete value chain and in order to facilitate this; we collect data from raw material suppliers, distributors as well as buyers. Technical issues and trends are obtained from surveys, technical symposia and trade journals. Technical data is also gathered from an intellectual property perspective, focusing on white space and freedom of movement. Industry dynamics with respect to drivers, restraints, pricing trends are also gathered. As a result, the material that is developed contained a wide range of original data that is then further cross-validated and authenticated with premium published sources.

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Action is the next course in our research and planning phase. The data gathered and collected from different sources in now tested on different levels, and validated with the premium sources available with us. This is done to gain the more accurate and precise data.

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Compile & Execute

A unique model is created for each and every project. Our market estimates and forecasts are derived through simulation models. Gathered information for market dynamics, technology landscape, application development, and pricing trends are fed into the model and are analyzed simultaneously. These factors are also studied on a comparative basis, and their impact over the forecast period is quantified with the help of correlation, regression and time series analysis. Market forecasting is performed via a combination of economic tools, technological analysis, and industry experience and domain expertise. Once our experts finalize and freeze the data then the content is packaged into a master report and further deliver to our industry expert panel to get certified. Certified reports are then delivered to clients.

Our professional unparalleled solutions for B2B

Mnemonics B2B market research solutions specialize in providing answers to complex business problems. Our market research, analysing and planning team have helped many of the world’s leading Hi-Tech and small start-up companies to understand their market and drive business growth. Our utilization of cross breed, multi technique research solutions and creative deliverable have provided our clients with actionable recommendations and real competitive advantages.


B2B Syndicated Market Research Solution

Ready to use off the shelf solution for your valued business
Mnemonics provides ready to use B2B syndicated market research solutions off the shelf, publishing over couple of hundred reports each year, covering 50+ industries, on a global as well as regional level and country level.

We track various industries, identifying key markets and understanding key macro and micro-economic trends. Keeping pace with the business environment, we publish syndicated B2B market research reports.

We employ best-practice models and research methodologies as well as comprehensive market analysis to ensure each report provides accurate market segmentation and insights.

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B2B Custom Market Research Solution

Advice tailored to you
B2B Custom Research is a unique research which is tailored and optimized for our customers’ specific needs. Sometimes the information people are looking for is not available in an off the shelf market research publication.

Market research is a multi-faceted discipline, where requirements may vary in line with the strategic needs of an organization. At Mnemonics, we have dedicated teams of analysts and domain experts, focusing on specific research functions to ensure that our clients always get the right people to get the job done. We always make sure that our services are designed to suit client's requirement of achieving their business objectives by analysing facts and information.

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Pricing on request and dependant on number of users and geographical coverage.