Social Research is a technique used by social research experts and data analyst to understand more about individuals and various set of class of people so that they can strategize products/services that address to the needs across various demographics. It is observed that in India, Various socio-economic clusters think differently based on their region, language, culture, occupation and annual income. Thus it is vital to know the human behaviour to understand different opinion and reaction about the social world.

Mnemonics with its wide reach in Maharashtra and tie up with the field agencies all over India has over the years garnered good results in Social Research. We have helped clients in achieving long term sustainable goals by providing actionable systematic plan to implement ideas across regions.

Mnemonics has adopted both Qualitative and Quantitative Social Research in order to have total control on data along with avoiding bias. Our Primary research experts and the data analyst collectively assisted clients both from corporate and public sectors.

The data available on various Government of India portals is also considered using the descriptive research technique clubbed with the on-field data collection. A CAPI/ CATI and PAPI techniques are used extensively in order to collect data for Social Research. We are using scientific data mining & processing in house tools to overcome data related issues if any. Mnemonics with its expertise have helped clients to conceptualize, innovate, and implement particular product or concept and services in various parts of the country.
Pricing on request and dependant on number of users and geographical coverage.