Corporate Social Responsibility known as CSR is the concrete efforts towards improving life of underprivileged group of people or working towards planet. Along with that, CSR is successfully implementing the company’s Profit and human resource to be useful in certain ways towards society.

Now a days in India, we can see there are numerous CSR initiatives, but mostly, companies are not well aware of how to use funds in a more sustainable manner. This results in low quantifiable output, massive spending on the activities, identifying sector and numerous implementation problem. Further there is requirement of the annual audit of the activities conducted for the year is also a tedious task and require in depth knowledge of the audit.

Mnemonics strongly believe that there is a huge gap in identifying and implementing CSR consulting. This CSR market in still unexploited with the mid-high-level companies looking for a strong consulting partner. Mnemonics provides end-to-end consulting guidance based on its strong expertise in the field of CSR and systematic process of implementation.

Mnemonics has its own CSR Consulting wing (Opash), which has a strong dedicated resource and strong expertise in their area for last 10 years. The data driven approach helps companies to enable clients incorporating sustainable and viable CSR models aligned with their business goals.
Pricing on request and dependant on number of users and geographical coverage.