There is more than one aspect of starting a new business is tapping an accurate breakdown of the local or global market and trying to regulate if there’s a certain need for product/ service. Understanding the industry thoroughly and knowing the competitor in detail with its product offerings is the pivotal factor for any marketer to garner a long-term success. The niche market is that area of the business which specifically deals to particular set of customers, region, market having a unique concept either in product or in offered services.

Mnemonics helps marketer to analyse the current market scenario, evaluate the product portfolio of other competitors and advise the client to garner key insights on a new niche product or services. Our team of experts with the help of paid panellist has recommended number of niche marketer to design and develop a strong market entry plan.

Most of the businesses spend a lot in understanding niche industry. Mnemonics helps in conducting the research and produce a niche industry reports for a marketer to garner strong results on a long-term basis.

Detailed competitor analysis by Mnemonics is used to understand the buyer’s analysis as well, since both are targeting the same audience. We also help clients to identify potential end users or the market through competitors’ intent. Mnemonics further generates marketing ideas for improving brand perception.
Pricing on request and dependant on number of users and geographical coverage.