Mnemonics provides ready to use B2B syndicated market research solutions off the shelf, publishing over couple of hundred reports each year, covering 50+ industries, on a global as well as regional level and country level.

We track various industries, identifying key markets and understanding key macro and micro-economic trends. Keeping pace with the business environment, we publish syndicated B2B market research reports.

We employ best-practice models and research methodologies as well as comprehensive market analysis to ensure each report provides accurate market segmentation and insights.

Our syndicated reports include a research study with detailed statistical analysis and exploration of market dynamics and trends that provide a holistic picture of the industry. We follow an extensive research methodology coupled with a keen understanding of critical industry factors to generate the best value for our clients. By processing raw data obtained from reliable primary and secondary data sources, Mnemonics team of analysts and consultants derive useful and usable information suited for our clients’ business needs.

Mnemonics reports combine comprehensive industry analysis with accurate estimates and forecasts; providing complete research solutions aimed at delivering maximum industry clarity for strategic decision making. Critical elements of our reports include:

Benefits of our B2B syndicated research reports

Providing a Representative Overview of the Market

While custom research often focuses on a smaller subject/issue or population, good syndicated research ensures a representative sample of the overall market. It provides a clear representation of the players in the market, whether they are customers, clients, or businesses. The sample should be large enough and weighted appropriately to accurately provide relevant and actionable intelligence. Because syndicated research is undertaken on a large scale, it often provides a macro-level overview of the issues facing a particular industry.

Identifying Industry Trends

Syndicated research is useful for organizations looking to understand the market landscape and their position in it, as well as those looking to gain a jump-start on issues likely to affect the industry in the future.
Measuring Brand Awareness, Strength, and Perceptions: Similarly, this market overview perspective allows multiple companies who invest in syndicated research to see how their brands and product offerings are viewed among customers and potential customers compared to those of their competitors.

Offering Competitive Intelligence

By offering insights on macro-level industry trends as well as a detailed understanding of specific issues within an industry or market, syndicated research can be a valuable source for competitive intelligence professionals seeking to gain information on how best to position their companies in a competitive market. Syndicated Research Can Help Companies Develop Business-Building Strategies: Mnemonics offers best syndicated research which produces actionable insights. With representative information and analysis about a market, customer and behavior, product usage, emerging trends, and other industry topics, an organization can strengthen its position to plan specific strategies and take actions that will lead to growth and increased revenue. Organizations have the opportunity to gain that critical knowledge for maximum ROI by investing in syndicated research.

Pricing on request and dependant on number of users and geographical coverage.
Pricing on request and dependant on number of users and geographical coverage.