United States Influenza Vaccine Market

United States Influenza Vaccine Market, Vaccination Analysis, Distribution, Production, Pipeline Insights, Clinical Trials, Deals Type, Regulatory, Price Trends, Competitive Strategies and Forecast,2016 to 2022

Date: Apr-2021 | Id: MACRC-0041 | Geographical Scope: United States | Publisher: DPI Research

The number of persons being vaccinated with influenza vaccines worldwide will touch the figure of 500 Million by the year-end of 2027

Market growth can be attributed to factors such as increased disease awareness, expanded recommendations by governmental and advisory bodies to be vaccinated against influenza vaccines, the introduction of quadrivalent influenza vaccines, increase in the size of the elderly population in most of the countries. 

Long–term Growth Projection:

• The global influenza vaccines market size is set to surpass US$ 6.5 Billion by the year-end of 2021
• Influenza vaccines demand is expected to increase in the forecast period
• The United States influenza vaccines market is projected to grow with a significant CAGR in the forecast period
• In Japan, the influenza vaccines market holds a rewarding growth opportunity for the future as the demand for the vaccine is growing significantly
• The Chinese influenza vaccines market is expected to record a value of nearly US$ 180 Million by the year-end of 2027
• Europe is anticipated to be the fastest-growing market during the forecast period
• The United Kingdom and Germany are the leading revenue generators of the market
• Emerging players backed by technological advancements are developing vaccines that offer a more realistic experience

Key Features of the Study:

• The Market Size of the Global Influenza Vaccines Market with Six Years Forecast
• The Market Size of the Regional and National Influenza Vaccines Market with Six Years Forecast
• Scrutinizes the Global Overall Persons Being Vaccinated with Influenza Vaccines
• Scrutinizes the Regional and National Persons Being Vaccinated with Influenza Vaccines
• Delivers the Latest Happenings in the Global Influenza Vaccines Market
• Detailed Insights of the Regulatory Framework Including the Approval Process and an Overview of the Regulatory Authorities in the United States, EU, and Japan
• Provides Key Trends with Respect to Collaboration Deals, Merger & Acquisitions, Distribution, Exclusive and Licensing Agreement
• Reviews Most Recent Clinical Trials of the Influenza Vaccines
• A Comprehensive List of the Key Players Along with the Analysis of their Current Vaccines Portfolios, Promising Vaccines in the Clinical Development, Sales Value Analysis, and Recent Development
• An Insightful Analysis of the Emerging Players Along with the Analysis of their Promising Vaccines in the Clinical Development, Phase, Platform Technology, and Recent Development

The Report Analyses the Market Based on Countries and Presents the Forecast in Terms of Value and Volume for the Next Six Years. Twenty-One Major Markets (21MM) Covered in the Report are as follows:

1) United States
2) Canada
3) Brazil
4) Germany
5) France
6) Italy 
7) Spain
8) United Kingdom
9) Netherlands
10) Sweden
11) Denmark
12) Poland
13) Norway
14) Finland
15) Ireland
16) Belgium
17) Australia
18) New Zealand
19) Japan
20) China
21) India
The Report Provides a Comprehensive Analysis of Company Profiles Listed Below:

• Sanofi Pasteur
• GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
• Seqirus (CSL Limited)
• AstraZeneca
• Mylan
• BioDiem
• Novavax
• Medicago
• Moderna Inc
• Pneumagen
• Daiichi–Sankyo
• Altimmune
• FluGen 
• Imutex
• EpiVax
• Versatope Therapeutics, Inc.
• Gamma Vaccines Pty Ltd.
• BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
• Hualan Biological Engineering Inc.
• Shanghai Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd.

The Report Answers Questions Such As:

• What is the current size of the global influenza vaccines market? How much will this market be worth from 2020 to 2027?
• How many persons being vaccinated with influenza vaccines globally during 2015 – 2027?
• Which country is expected to hold the highest market share in theglobal influenza vaccine market?
• What are the main drivers and restraints in the global influenza vaccines market?
• What are the major deals happenings in the global influenza vaccines market?
• Who are the top players and what are their activities, revenue, recent developments, and prospects?
• What are some of the most prominent influenza vaccines currently in development? What are their activities, phase, platform technology, and recent developments?

Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. United States Influenza Vaccine Market & Forecast 3. United States Number of Persons Vaccinated with Influenza Vaccine 3.1 Number of Children Vaccinated 3.2 Number of Adults Vaccinated 4. United States Influenza Vaccine Market Drivers and Barriers 4.1 Market Drivers 4.2 Market Barriers 5. United States Influenza Vaccine Production & Distribution 5.1 Vaccine Choices Remain Available for Patients, Providers 5.2 Influenza Vaccine Price Trends 5.2.1 Pediatric Influenza Vaccine Price Trends 5.2.2 Adult Influenza Vaccine Price Trends 5.3 Influenza Vaccine Production, Supply, and Allocation 5.4 Influenza Vaccine Distribution & Demand 5.5 Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness 5.6 Managing Influenza with Diagnostic Resources 5.7 Distribution Method of Influenza Vaccination 6. United States Influenza Vaccine Market – Regulatory Landscape 7. Market Dynamics – Mergers, Acquisitions, Key Agreements & Collaborations 7.1 Merger & Acquisitions 7.2 Collaboration Deal 7.3 Licensing, Exclusive & Distribution Agreement Deal 7.3.1 Licensing Agreement 7.3.2 Exclusive Agreement 7.3.3 Distribution Agreement 8. Influenza Vaccine – Pipeline Assessment 8.1 Promising Vaccine in Clinical Development 8.2 Promising Vaccine in Early–Stage Development 9. Influenza Vaccine – Clinical Trials Assessment by Phase and Trial Status 9.1 Year 2016 9.2 Year 2015 9.3 Year 2014 9.4 Year 2013 10. Key Companies Analysis 10.1 Sanofi Pasteur 10.1.1 Business Overview 10.1.2 Sanofi Pasteur – Influenza Vaccine Outlook Fluzone High–Dose Vaccine Fluzone Quadrivalent Vaccine Intradermal (ID) Trivalent Influenza Vaccine Vaxigrip Vaccine 10.1.3 Influenza Vaccine Sales Analysis 10.2 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) 10.2.1 GlaxoSmithKline(GSK) – Influenza Vaccine Outlook Fluarix Quadrivalent Flulaval Quadrivalent 10.2.2 Influenza Vaccine Sales Analysis & Forecast 10.3 AstraZeneca 10.3.1 Business Overview 10.3.2 AstraZeneca – Influenza Vaccine Outlook Fluenz Tetra/FluMist Quadrivalent 10.3.3 Influenza Vaccine Sales Analysis 10.4 Protein Sciences Corporation 10.4.1 Business Overview 10.4.2 Protein Sciences Corporation – Influenza Vaccine Outlook Flublok 10.5 Seqirus (CSL Limited) 10.5.1 Business Overview 10.5.2 Seqirus – Influenza Vaccine Outlook Flucelvax Quadrivalent Afluria Quadrivalent Agrippal Fluad Fluvirin Fluvax

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